Palestine Writes 2023 Mini-Documentary

Short Documentary: Palestine Writes 2023 and What it Meant for Attendees, Volunteers, and Organizers

Media for Good created a mini documentary of the historic Palestine Writes Literature Festival, held at the University of Pennsylvania in September 2023.

“The impulse for Palestine Writes was to have a physical space to gather our shattered family- to bring creatives, intellectuals, writers, [and] scholars together across geographic borders, across linguistic borders, [and] across generational divides,” says Susan Abulhawa, Palestine Writes Executive Director.

The festival included various panel discussions, book readings, presentations, workshops, continuous children’s programming, hakawati and hakawatiyyeh traditional oral storytelling, poetry, performances, food, an art exhibit, vendors, and more.

This short video gives a glimpse into the the beauty and brilliance of this moment, as well as the darkness of racist zionist attacks and vicious attempts to sabotage the festival.

As the powerful, including members of US Congress, continue to slander Palestine Writes, those who were there (physically and virtually) know what a stunning, rich, layered, intellectual, creative, and joyous moment of togetherness our festival was. This documentary is for you.  It is for us. We will continue to celebrate our glorious ancient heritage. We will not allow our culture to be cooped by zionist colonizers, and we will redeem our history.

Thank you to all who made this historic festival possible, and for our friends at Media for Good for creating documentary video.