Ibrahim Abuammar

Ibrahim Abuammar was born and raised in the city of Baqa al-Gharbiyya (in historic Palestine/1948) in 1959, and currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the United States.
After spending 3 years in London (studying and working in the field of Nuclear Medicine), I moved to Philadelphia in 1983 where I worked in the Nuclear Medicine Research Center at Temple University. I published several scientific papers in this field. In 1986, I decided to leave the sciences and returned to university (Temple U, Phila) to study business administration and economics and from there to work in pharmaceuticals (global marketing and planning) and remained until my early retirement in 2014. In late 2019, I co-founded the Institute for Palestinian Memory and Heritage which is focused on promoting the Palestinian narrative. I began my literary activity (poetry) in the mid-seventies and published much of my writings in local newspapers and magazines, including Al-Fajr, Al-Ittihad, Al-Jadeed, Al-Bayader and others. In addition, a number of these poems were published in European journals. I published my first poetry collection, Rising or Falling from Death, in 1981 and the second, Moon Over a Quiet City, in 1993. Since 2015, I have split my time between Palestine and Philadelphia and have focused on photo documenting the Palestinian Nakba through exploring ethnically cleansed villages. Thematically, my poetry has always been tied to Palestine, it’s beauty and tragedy. I am currently finalizing my 3rd and last collection of poems which is inspired by my visit is to ethnically cleansed villages.