Kavalya Atma Kaur

Kavalya Atma is a Jerusalemite storyteller who was born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem. She worked there for more than 15 years in the field of bookstores, stories and drama, with women and children, and that was a great source of inspiration for her. From an early age, she loved singing, dancing, and stories. Most of what she heard in her childhood from her aunts and mother was that they used to call her “Badi’a” because she was skilled in telling the stories she heard from her aunt, as well as in singing and dancing.  In 2008, she became involved in the art of storytelling as a performance art, which later became a message for her, as she rediscovered the story and shared it with people in the old neighborhoods and theaters of Jerusalem. And later in local and Arab festivals and events in Palestine and the Arab world. Thus, Kavalya traveled to discover the art of storytelling in several Arab countries, and participated with her performances in festivals of the art of storytelling in the Arab world, and trained with Arab and foreign storytellers. She also accompanied the Egyptian Al- Warsha troupe in residency and performances in Upper Egypt from 2009 until 2013. In addition to her attendance at artistic residency in which she exchanged experiences. With artists from around the world, and to support her artistic career, she studied a drama diploma in an educational context 2009-2011 in the summer school that was held by the Abdul Mohsen Qattan Foundation in Jordan / Jerash. Kavalya sees the story as a magic spell that opens doors to work with children and women, as it helps them express themselves freely, and because the story is healing for the soul and heart, it helps everyone who knocks on its door to face his fears and be himself. because adults are afraid of being themselves more than children, she believes that her work as a storyteller helped her reveal the contents of her soul and follow the desires of her heart. Today Kavalya is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and she works to integrate personal stories with yoga to express the contents of the soul. She aspires through her work in yoga and personal stories to bring healing to the hearts and spirits of her students and everyone who participates in her workshops.