Olivia Elias

Poet of the Palestinian diaspora, born in Haifa in 1944, Olivia Elias writes in French. She lived until she was 16 years old in Lebanon where her family took refuge in 1948, then in Montreal-Canada, before moving to France. With Chaos, Crossing,  published in november 2022 by World PoetrY Books in a translation by Kareem James Abu Zeid, she made her English-language debut. Her work, translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, has been published in anthologies and numerous journals, like World Literature Today, Asymptote, Poetry Daily, Plume, Poetry London, Arablit, Circulo de Poesia, Al-Araby All- Jedeed and, in France, Apulee, Poezibao, Phoenix …A special edition chapbook of her long poem Your Name, Palestine,  in a translation by Sarah Riggs and Jérémy Robert, is forthcoming from World Poetry in September 2023.