Born in Gaza in 1974, Mohammad Musallam holds a Ph.D. in Art Philosophy, he taught drawing, painting, and the history of Palestinian art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. A researcher in Palestinian visual arts, where he presented masters and Ph.D. thesis on visual arts in Palestine. His artworks are exhibited personally and in groups in Palestine and abroad. He is currently devoting his time to his artwork and resides in Toronto, Canada. He is an interdisciplinary artist who creates abstract paintings, performances, installations, and video art, where audiences can engage with objects, different materials, and technologies to explore topics such as freedom of movement, peace, and liberty. In his artworks he uses materials Inspired and taken from the local environment to express issues in an extremely concise manner charged with immense expressive energy. In his paintings, he uses numerous materials and techniques presented in the abstract form whether it is figurative or non-figurative that signifies the concept of the artwork. Musallam believes in simple and brief ideas taken or Inspired from his daily surroundings.