Faisal Saleh

Faisal Saleh was born in the town of El-Bireh, Palestine, to a refugee family from the village of Salameh (5 km east of Yafa). He attended public schools in the West Bank and came to the United States to complete his last year of high school. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Oberlin College and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

In 2018, After 40 years of entrepreneurial work, Faisal turned his attention to establishing the first Palestinian museum in the Americas – the Palestine Museum US, a 6,500 sq ft exhibition space that features over 200 works of art and many Palestinian cultural artifacts.

In 2022 Faisal led the Palestine Museum US efforts to present a Collateral Event exhibition at the Venice Biennale Arte 2022, a 7-month show that attracted over 100,000 visitors and produced 1,000 pages of visitor remarks and best wishes in many languages.

This year, in cooperation with Italian colleagues and supporters, he was able to move the exhibition that took place in Venice to the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma for a three-week exhibit.

Faisal’s expertise encompasses business management with deep domain knowledge of the employee benefits technology field and technical competence in software development, publishing / print management, aviation administration, real estate operation, and conference /event management. Faisal is also an avid photographer; his works have been exhibited locally in Connecticut.