Suad Amiry

Suad Amiry is a conservation architect and a writer. She is the founder of RIWAQ: Centre of Architectural Conservation, Ramallah, Palestine. Amiry taught architecture at Jordan and Birzeit University. She is the author of numerous books on Architecture. Amiry is also the author of the acclaimed memoirs “Sharon and My Mother-in-Law,” which received Italy’s renounced literary Awards: Via Reggio (2004). She is the author of numerous non-fiction books including: “Menopausal Palestine”, “Nothing to Lose But Your Life: an 18 hour Journey with Murad”, and “Golda Slept Here”. Amiry’s latest book “My Damascus” has been published in Italian and Arabic and will be published in English in the US by interlink Spring 2021.

Amiry and her Organization RIWAQ received numerous architectural awards amongst them was the prestigious “Aga Khan Award for Architecture” in 2013. To know more about Suad Amiry, watch her talk TedxRamallah: “My Work My Hobby: simply look into your self never on others”