Rami AbuShehab

Rami Abu Shehab is a Palestinian poet and critic. He was born in Jordan in 1974 and lived part of his childhood in Kuwait. Rami, specialized in literary criticism, cultural studies and post-colonial discourse. He currently works as a lecturer in Qatar university. He received the Sheikh Zayed award (2014) for the book “arrasīs walmaḳātla: (exordium and deceit): a postcolonial discourse in contemporary Arab criticism”, which the scientific committee described as one of the most important contemporary critical studies. He has published more than eight books, one of which is a book entitled “in the last passage, the narrative of the Palestinian diaspora”, which traces the features of the Palestinian diaspora from a post-colonial perspective. The book was the pioneer in the subject of the Palestinian dispersion in novels. Recently Rami issued two poetry collections, last one published in 2019, entitled: “I am from Palestine.” He writes a weekly article in Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper since 2014, where he focuses on issues of the diaspora, refugees and narratives. In addition to reviews on cinema. Rami, participated in many conferences and seminars in the Universities of Qatar, Cambridge, Oxford, and in many countries such as the UAE, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Bahrain, Greece and others. He was also the member of jury in many literary competitions, such as the Al Multaqa prize for Short Stories at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) in Kuwait 2019.