Nasser Jaber

Originally from Ramallah, Nasser Jaber came to the United States as a university student in economics and finance. Working in restaurants to pay for his degree, Nasser soon found that his true passion was food, and that his talents would take him from waiting tables to training under the best chefs in New York City. Nasser broke into the New York food scene when he opened Mazeish, a Palestinian-South American fusion restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and diverse stories of America’s immigrant communities, he decided to use the restaurant as a space for chefs to try new concepts, celebrate their heritage, or host dinners to address social issues. It was this concept that gave rise to Nasser’s acclaimed project Komeeda, an online platform that helps people connect, taste exciting new foods, and meet the passionate chefs behind their meals. Komeeda is also dedicated to social impact through culinary diplomacy, sharing the values of entrepreneurship, private enterprise and food security to the world. Komeeda has been working with the U.S. government in Turkey and Sweden to provide real solutions to the refugee crisis through food hospitality and farming

Nasser is also the co founder of the Migrant Kitchen with renowned chef Daniel Dorado. The Migrant Kitchen is all service catering company that highlights migrant food through catering and food entrepreneurship.