Ahmad Qabaha

Ahmad Qabaha is an assistant professor in Postcolonial, Comparative and American Studies at An-Najah National University in Palestine and their director in Minor in American Studies Program. He currently teaches a wide range of courses at An-Najah that are relevant to his field of specialization, including contemporary American Novel, Modern American Literature, Introduction to American Studies, Orientalism and Oriental Studies, Postcolonial Literature and Comparative Literature. He is highly interested in teaching and conducting research on literature and art and investigating the “link” between human studies and politics on the one hand, and the connection between culture and politics, on the other. He is also interested in examining the various modes and paradigms of literary, historical, socio-political and cultural displacements in the twenty-first century. His first monograph Exile and Expatriation in Modern American and Palestinian Writing has recently been published by Palgrave, and his co-edited collection Post-millennial Palestine: Memory, Narration and Resistance (LUP) should come out soon. He also published various articles in well-reputed journals, including Interventions.