Aya Al-Zinati
Aya Al-Zinati is widely-recognized as a freelance journalist, producer, filmmaker, and blogger based in Gaza. She has worked for a long time in journalism, she moved between many institutions, such as; the official Swiss TV. (RTS), Arte TV., the French newspaper Libération, and the official France TV. Aya also worked in the field of documentary films, her most notable works that launched internationally were, as an assistant director for (The Apollo of Gaza) that would go on to be selected by some of the world’s most prestigious festivals, (Frontline Lipstick) as a producer and production manager, and (Tomorrow’s Power) also as an assistant director. Otherwise, she got into the theatres as a producer. She is currently working on launching her own platform (Qa3det Kastana) on social media, in an attempt to shed lights on culture, society, and literature.