Palestine Writes Literature Festival, originally scheduled to take place in New York City in March, 2020, but which was canceled due to the pandemic, will now take place virtually December 2—6, 2020. Palestine Writes will bring together writers, artists, publishers, booksellers, and scholars to hold conversations about art, literature, and the intersections between culture, struggle, and politics. There will be workshops, cooking demonstrations, mustic, children’s programming, prizes, networking, and much more on a cutting edge virtual platform.

The common threads uniting all participants are the love of books and support of justice for Palestine. Our festival honors the many historic personalities who have walked this path before us, and showcases living voices celebrating Palestinian life, devoted to the belief that art challenges repression and creates bonds between Palestine and the rest of the world.

Palestine Writes will highlight the richness of Palestinian art and literature for a global audience who may not have had the opportunity to experience this work due to lack of linguistic access, the severe restrictions on movement of Palestinians, and the censorship and repression of Palestinian speech in the US.